Saturday, January 3, 2015

Where to contact me! :)

Hello to anyone looking at this blog!

I'm going to make this quick because I'm in a bit of a rush, and don't really have time to be making this (but I am anyway ^U^).

I just thought I would list some places to contact me. 

[Please note that I am not as active on my fandom IG as I am on my art IG, if you're going to contact me through Instagram, I'd suggest using my art one]

[I do try to post once a week on this blog, generally about subjects concerning AJ, I will occasionally vent on there.] 

That's pretty much all there is, I do have a Tumblr but I am yet to reveal that as I have not reblogged/posted a single thing (because I'm very shy). 

If you want to contact me through Animal Jam, my username is Wolfs4evea, and although I do tend to try and visit it five out of seven days in a week, I only usually play for up to an hour(more often less). 

My Skype username is Blueflamingwolf (embarrassing, I know), however, please note that if you're going to try to contact me on Skype that I would like to know why you're trying to contact me through Skype, your username(before you send the contact request), and who you are(as in AJ username, or something like that). 

That's I have for now!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

e.o Anyone there?

Haven't seen you in a while! c: 

Yup it's wolfs!
Heh. I just wanted to say hi. 

And I miss you guys.

I would take up blogging again as a daily thing, but I'm a little too busy. 


(Not my art!) 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gumballs Are Back! Fman122 Sightings?

Hey there Jammmers. It's me Nebuladust/whatwhat550 or whatever you want to call me here. I know, Wolfs hasn't been posting very often on Jamaa times and I haven't been posting at all on any blogs, but I have an interesting article today. Well, ok not that interesting. Anyways, the Beta Gumball Machines are working! Usually, gumball machines give you gumballs but the beta gumball machine stopped working. If you clicked the little knob, nothing happens. Well, it turns out you don't click there, you click on the left under conrner of the knob. Of course, this is a bit confusing to explain with words, so some pictures will be listed down below showing you how to get it :) Also, soryr if this article made you fall asleep, im not that good with interesting facts or things but, I do have one thing.

Ok, this time is real. He is known as "New Jammer" and, "theboxwillhauntyou122". Jammers are saying, this is the REAL fman and not another troll. Since some of my buddies are in the Aldan server, I get glimpse pictures of Fman. So, if he's on and right next to you, lock your den and hide like a turtle. Or, for the brave ones, make a video and warn others.
Pictures of Fman122

Ok, well Bye Jammers ^_^. Yes I am just going to leave you hanging with fman because I am a potato.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Need to Stop Kidding Myself

Hey guys... So, I'm just going to make this quick..

For a while now, I've been feeling like this blog was a waste a time and it's making my math grades go down anyway...

So, um, I'm taking a break from this blog. 
I'll still be on AJ, just not blogging. Perhaps I will continue writing here, but not today. 

So anyway, goodbye.

~See you in Jamaa~

Monday, August 19, 2013

Treasure Chest #2

Hey there Jammers! Whatwhat550 here with exciting news that Wolfs, me and Bunbun figured out. If you do the Adventure called the Phantom Portal, and complete it on hard mode, you come to 5 boxes. Now, if you choose the top left, chances are you are going to get a good prize. Also, I got a worn and a Rare Bow and Arrow from it!

Well, I hope this works for you! 
~Whatwhat550 ^_^

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Giant Post

Hey Jammers BunBun here. This post will be full a lot of new items and more.
First off, we have a giant sale on all Summer Carnival Items
All half off!
Next, we have High Heels, then newest rage in the Clothing Shop
Monkey on Clearance
Kangaroo Plush ans Spiked Wristband in Diamond Shop
And we also have new music!
Adventure base camp Music!
So much new things in Outback Imports!
New News
Thats all for today!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Scholar-Like (Unreleased) Items!?

Hey Jammers! So today, I found some unreleased scholarly items!
First off, Whatwhat550 surprised me when she told me our buddy, Imacutebunbunbunny, had let her borrow a pair of Nerdy Glasses that she'd gotten from the arctic wolf passage way in the adventures!
Hmm, could it be possible these will be the next RIM (Rare Item Monday)? It makes sense, with school just around the corner (at least for me). And the next item is a stereotypical teacher's desk that has paper that have A+ on them along with an apple!
Wouldn't it be perfect for a school RP? Too bad it isn't in stores...
And lastly, I noticed that the Seasonal Tree is turning slightly duller! 
^^ It seems like AJHQ is getting ready for fall! 

~See you in Jamaa~

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